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Mine Zaida and his bird
Mine Zaida loved parakeets

I buy a parakeet
When I was 13 years old, I decided to raise parakeets. The closest pet store was in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles. I bought a large wire cage, and trudged the cage back home on my bicycle, four miles away.

Mine Zaida took a liking to my blue parakeet and he taught my bird to talk. Mine Zaida and my bird loved each other. So, I gave my parakeet to mine Zaida.

The first words that Zaida was able to teach that parakeet to speak were, "Give a kiss." Soon the bird also said "Give a kiss!", just like mine Zaida. That little bird eventually learned over 60 words!

Note: In this story, I call Zaida, "Mine Zaida" because that is the way that my Russian born Zaida spoke. Zaida means "grandfather" in Yiddish.

The bird escapes!
One day mine Zaida's blue parakeet escaped. We walked all over the hills of City Terrace, looking for that bird. We never found that little blue parakeet.

One day not too long after mine Zaida's blue parakeet got lost, I was walking in our neighborhood and heard a parakeet singing. But this time, there actually was a green and yellow parakeet perched on an overhead wire!

I held out my hand, and would you believe, that green and yellow parakeet flew down and landed on my finger? He must have been a tame bird, which got lost!

Zaida teaches parakeet to talk!
Mine Zaida taught that green and yellow parakeet a zillion words. And that parakeet lived with Zaida and my Baubi Rosie until it died.

But since that time many years ago, I still hear the sound of parakeets singing. Still do to this day.

Today - April 8th, 2008
This morning I am Camped in the State of Campeche, Mexico. Yesterday I lost my beloved parakeet. His name is Boid. The border guards would not permit Boid to enter Campeche. So, I was forced to find a home for my Little Boid with a family who lives on a ranch.

This morning I was eating breakfast alongside a river. I am not far from where my Little Boid is now living on that rancho.

I hear the sound of a parakeet in the tree outside my RV. That sound now breaks my heart! Wow!
My son David, my Baubi Rosie,
mine Zaida and my son Joseph.

May, 1969

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