Backup Cameras

Backup Camera system for your RV

Backup Camera for safety

A backup camera system installed on your RV, may keep you from bashing into things when moving in reverse. Do you find yourself having accidents because you cannot see behind your RV?

Backup Camera Display

We found in our own experience, that we had several accidents which caused damage far exceeding the cost of a single backup camera system. Our tiny camera is aimed to look down at the the bicycle mounted in the rear of our RV. Using our backup camera system, we are now able to backup to within inches of a fence or other vehicle with safety. Before we had our backup camera system, we only guessed where we were by using the RV mirrors, or walking back and taking a look.

A backup camera system is not difficult to install in an RV. Mounting the camera is easy. A bracket secures the camera to the rear of our RV. A hole for the camera cable was drilled thru the rear RV wall. This hole was sealed with Eternabond tape.

We ran the cable which connects the camera in the rear to the display in the front, along the inside of the chassis rail below our RV. This is the simplest route from the rear to the front of our RV, because there are no obstructions running along the chassis rail.

Camera Mount

Fine tuning the backup camera system after installation.
We adjusted the camera to be looking down at the rear of our RV. It is necessary to be able to see the RV's rear, in order to judge the distance to obstacles, when traveling in reverse.

The display viewer has a "reverse image" feature. When the reverse image button is depressed, the image appears the same as when looking in a rear view mirror. This "reverse image" feature is essential for a backup camera.