Bahia de Los Angeles

Pueblo on the Sea of Cortez

A very quiet tiny town.

In February, 2005, the pueblo Bahia de Los Angeles was a very quiet town. Perhaps a few cars each hour, travel on the main road in the pueblo.

The road into Bahia de Los Angeles begins at the junction of the transpeninsular Highway #1 and is in excellent condition.

View of Bahia de Los Angeles from the wharf.

The Pemex gas station was not open. Construction work appeared to be proceeding very slowly.

Unfinished Pemex station.

However, gasoline was available from an independent supply in town! This independent even has their own, very colorful gas pump. The price for this independent gasoline is $7.50 pesos/liter vs. $5.94 pesos per liter from Pemex.

Colorful independent gasoline pump.

Down the road from the Pemex, is the civic center of Bahia de Los Angeles, the Gobierno. The police station, local government, hospital is here behind the city park. Way to the rear, is The Museum.

The Museum is a must see when in the town of Bahia de Los Angeles. One of the best exhibits, is an entire wall of shells describing each one!

The Museo [Museum].

There are several small grocery markets on the main road. Near the end of town, the road takes a right turn and goes up hill a bit. You will find the best grocery here, by the name of Xitlali. Very good selection of groceries, fresh fruits, vegetables, and pretty much everything that you will need while staying in town.

Xitlali Grocery Market.

The main attraction in Bahia de Los Angeles is of course, the Bahia [bay]. Fishing, diving and kayak exploring seem to be the important things to do. There are several RV Campgrounds. We saw electrical hookups, but no water or sewer connections in these campgrounds.

RV electrical hookups in one of the campgrounds.

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