Blogging With Text Files
What to do when your internet connection fails.

In February, 2008, my Datastorm satellite internet system went down. I am traveling in Mexico now. My latitude is south of the northern parts of Guatemala. There is no easy or low cost way to get replacement parts here at this location.

So, I have had to come up with an alternative to having my convenient onboard satellite internet connection.

Text files
I am using text files to prepare my blog posts. I continue to take pics as I always have done. The images are edited and saved on my computer. In fact I have found that using text files is much easier to do then going online and using Blogger.

Using text files instead of going online, means that the Datastorm system does not have to be deployed. Without Datastorm, about half the electrical power is used. Only Ms. GQ [my laptop] needs to be on.

This is great, especially during the nitetime when there is no electric power generated from the Sun.

Internet Cafes
On my journey thru southern Mexico, I've found Internet Cafes plentiful. Even in many of the smaller towns of Mexico, an Internet Cafe may be found. I've been able to maintain my daily Blogger posts without interruption.

Future plans
When Mr. Datastorm is working again, and I am able to go online, perhaps I will continue to prepare Blogger posts using text files. That way I will be able to be very spontaneous with my posting, without having to send up Mr. Datastorm everytime and go online.

Using text files will be especially useful during the nitetime. I will save a huge amount of stored electrical energy!
MsTioga with Mr. Datastorm deployed.

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