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Boid's Escape Story!
Matanchen Beach - 28 February 2009

Of course everybody on The TiogaRV Team was anxious to hear Little Boid's story about his escape, being chased by blackbirds and all the other stuff that he did during his six hours out in the wilds of Mexico!

You may believe it impossible for Boid to tell his story. But remember, Boid is part of The Team, and that gives him powers not much understood by ordinary people! Anyway, here is Boid's story as he told all of us this morning:

When I flew on George's head I did not know that he was going outside. When George reached up for me, I flew away like I always do just to tease him. When I saw that I was outside, all I wanted to do was look around. So, I flew up into a palm tree where there were a bunch of blackbirds sitting around. I had tweeted at these blackbird many times, while looking thru MsTioga's window. I was very surprised when I landed near them how BIG they were. And one of them went to bite me! Wow!

I went to fly back to George and the safety of MsTioga, but that blackbird was hot on my tail. I was really scared that the black would get me, so I circled above George flying as fast as I could fly!! I did not know that I could fly so fast, much faster than the black. While the black chased me, he was shouting bad words at me. What an evil guy. I flew over the restaurant and across the highway. I saw a small shack and zoomed thru a window and landed inside. The black must have been afraid to come inside the shack, I could hear him walking on the roof.

I stayed in that shack for a long time. I was pooped from the chase. At first my heart was beating soooooo fast and I was breathing hard too. I was still very scared and very, very hungry. I'd used up a lot of energy flying away from the black. I looked around but there were no seeds in that shack. When I saw the black fly away, I went outside and looked there for seeds too. There was nothing to eat. Wow!

I wanted to fly back to MsTioga and my cage and eat some seeds. But I was lost. Trying to fly up in the air to take a look around, I was so weak. Without seeds I had low blood sugar. Man-O-Man.

A lady sparrow flew by and asked me if I was alright. I told her about me being lost, my home inside MsTioga and the beach where we camped. She said that she knew about where people camped on the beach, and offered to show me the way. But I was only able to fly a short distance, because I was so weak. Finally after a couple of hours, we crossed the highway and I flew toward the beach. But another blackbird spotted me and I flew into the safety of a small green tree. I could see MsTioga out on the beach, but the black was up there shouting at me, so I just stayed there.

A lady came up close to me and tried to get me to hop on her finger. I did not know her so I stayed put on the branch. A few minutes later, George came holding my cage. I was soooooo happy to see him and I jumped inside my cage, I almost fell asleep because I was so tired!

When I was back home inside MsTioga, at first I was afraid to go outside of my cage. But now I am doing fine. I'll tell you this, I will never, ever go outside again. Those blackbirds are mean!

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