Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

You will learn about Hoodoos.

A must see spectacular canyon.

Bryce Canyon Park.

The first thing that will get you when entering Bryce Canyon, or the marvelous and very beautiful spires of sandstone. Hoodoos are what these spires are called. And these hoodoos are fantastic to behold!

There are places in Bryce Canyon where there are thousands of hoodoos, so many that they will overwhelm your senses with the beauty that you see before you.

BryceEntrance04-30-2006 Copy

Entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.


We visited Bryce during early May, 2006. It is not too hot in early May, and campsites are easy to find. Even this early in the year, it is best to arrive early in the day to find your campsite. There are two campgrounds, North and South. North Campground was the only one open when we arrived.

Shuttle buses.

Shuttles travel to all 13 viewpoints, all the way to Rainbow and Yovimpa viewpoints 18 miles down canyon. The shuttles are free. When we arrived in May, 2006, the shuttle was not scheduled to begin operation until May 24th.

InspirationPanoTwo04-30-2006 Copy

Inspiration viewpoint.

The shuttles are very convenient if you like to go hiking a lot on the many trails of the park. No worrying about parking. Just board the shuttle and off you go. Leave your vehicle in the campground.

InspirationHoodooSingleOne04-30-2006 Copy

Hoodoos at Inspiration Point.

Rim Trail.

It may not be clear when you first arrive at Bryce Canyon, that the rim trail is just behind the North Campground. Just walk over the hill behind your camp, and Bryce's fabulous view will stretch out before you.

BryceTwo04-30-2006 Copy

View from Rim Trail behind North Campground.

Lodge and services.

The Lodge has a nice restaurant, and offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices are much lower for the lunch.

Close to the Lodge is a store which sells some supplies and groceries. There are showers and a laundromat in the rear.