Contact and Connector Treatment.

Removes corrosion.

Caig DeoxIT Contact and Connector Treatment has so improved all of my ctric connections. I've used DeoxIT GOLD G5 in the 142 gram size on my computer's cable connections, battery cable lugs in my vehicle and even on my solar battery bank.

DeOxit costs more-but it is worth it.

I bought other brand electronic cleaners for only a few $dollars. They do not work! So what good was it to save money buying a cleaner that does not work?

Be sure to buy the right size and product! Very important. I use DeoxIT GOLD G5 in the 142 gram size. Also, I tried buying from dealers and found that they do not stock or sell all sizes or products. Going direct to Caig seems to be the way to go.

Stories about how Deoxit worked for me.

Electronic kitchen timer.

This timer had its minute switch quit working. This is one of those sealed electronic gadgets, that cannot be opened. I sprayed DeoxIT GOLD G5 in past the switch button. It took a few minutes for Deoxit to work, but then the switch that did not work at all, began to function. A couple of hours later, the switch worked like brand new!

Datastorm satellite antenna repaired!

The Datastorm antenna on my RV's roof stopped working. A dealer attempted to fix it by replacing electronic components. The problem continued. Then Caig DeoxIT was sprayed on some cable ends. The Datastorm began operating again, and has continued operating with no problems ever since!

Battery cables.

I've always had a problem with keeping battery cable ends free of corrosion and clean. My solar battery bank is particularly hard to keep clean, because there are so many batteries to maintain. Using Caig DeoxIT removed all corrosion and keeps all metal parts of the battery bank bright and shiny. I am forever looking at my battery bank now, because the results are so incredibly remarkable.

Computer cables.

My computer often gave me cable errors when booting. Spraying Caig DeoxIT on my computer cable ends, completely eliminated these cable errors. Even more! My computer is now operating much, much better. Programs seem to run without crashing.