Cooking For Men Mostly #1!

Women who love to cook may peek, OK?

Cooking is great guys!

Are you a guy who is turned off by the word, cooking? Do you eat out almost every nite? When you eat in, is it take-out?

MsTioga has a secret for you! "Guys, you can have big fun cooking."

Do you see that Roast Beast in the pic? This roast cost $10.94 and we got (8) 6 ounce portions. So each portion cost only $1.37/each!

Making a fantastic roast is sooooo easy, you would not believe!

Yes, you can save a fortune cooking yourself!

A Roast is soooo easy to make! You would not believe that with so little work, you will get a fantastic piece of meat to eat! Click on the Roast Beast Link below, OK?
Roast Beast Link

I want all of you RVing boys out there to listen to MsTioga. Go to the market and buy your first roast. I know that you are afraid, but you can do it. Let MsTioga know how you did, OK?

Bye for now,

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