Cooking For Men Mostly #2

Hey Guys! Do you love Meat Loaf?

Making your own supper is great!

In the pic below, you see MsTioga's very first Meat Loaf.

Doesn't this Meat Loaf look absolutely delicious? It's easy to fix, and so wonderful to eat! Your friends will love to come to your suppers!

In our first "Cooking For Men Mostly" article we asked...

  • Are you a guy who is turned off by the word, cooking?
  • Do you eat out almost every nite?
  • When you eat in, is it take-out?

    MsTioga has a secret for you! "Guys, you can have big fun cooking."

    Do you see that Meat Loaf in the above pic? This meat loaf cost $2.50 and we got (6) 6 ounce portions. So, each portion cost less than 50 cents each!

    As we said before, "You can save a fortune by cooking yourself! And, you will impress your lady friends too!"

    Here is the link to MsTioga's Meat Loaf recipe!

    MsTioga's Meat Loaf Recipe

    Don't be scared fellas, click the link, OK? MsTioga will be there with you to tell you everything that you need to know.

    But you have to promise me one thing, OK? Promise that you won't eat the whole Meat Loaf up when it comes out of the oven! It's that good.

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