Cooking For Men Mostly #3

Enchiladas are easy to prepare!

Hey Guys! Do you love Mexican food?

Enchiladas are quick and easy to prepare. A tray of enchiladas as those in the pic takes less than a 1/2 hour to make.

Often I make up a batch of enchiladas from left over meat. Chicken, roast beef, even meat loaf makes a great meat filling for enchiladas.

These could be your enchiladas!

There is nothing really unusual about the ingrediants in my enchiladas. But they taste sooooooo great!

I buy a small can of red enchilada sauce from the grocery. I like "Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce" in the yellow can or La Victoria brand. I prefer mild enchilada sauce, because guests do not want to be overwhelmed by hot sauce. Salsa may be added at meal time for those who love it really hot and spicy.

I dice up about 1/3 of a white onion. I shred up cheddar cheese, I don't know how much, but it is easy to shred more.

I take a 10x12 baking pan, oil the bottom well, and spread a thin layer of enchilada sauce.

In a skillet, large enough for my medium sized flour tortillas, I put in some oil and heat the pan. Heat the tortilla until it is warm and can be handled easily. Place the tortilla in the 10x12 baking pan, spoon on a layer of enchilada sauce, add sliced chicken or other meat-already cooked, diced onions and shredded cheese. Spoon on a couple tablespoons more of the enchilada sauce on the ingrediants, and roll the tortilla up.

Keep doing this until you run out of room or ingrediants!

Spoon enchilada sauce on each rolled enchilada, so that the tortilla is wet all over the top. Add shredded cheese over each enchilada, and put the baking pan in the center or top of a 350 degree oven. Don't put the pan of enchiladas in the bottom rack, or the enchiladas may get over baked and hard. The middle or upper rack is fine.

In about 15 minutes, it should be done, but check to make sure that the cheese is melted inside.

That's about it, except that when the enchiladas are cool, I refrigerate them so that they are easy to handle (not soft). Then I separate them and wrap in Glad Wrap, and freeze them for future meals.

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