Copper Canyon Adventure!

Story about visiting Copper Canyon.

State of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Copper Canyon
You may buy a tour including hotels, meals and transportation to see Mexico's Copper Canyon. That is what I did. However, during my own Copper Canyon Adventure, it became clear to me that there was another way. A much less expensive way.

That other way is what this story is about!

The Chihuahua al Pacific Railroad [known as Chepe], is the easiest way to get to the Town of Creel in the northwest of Mexico. At Creel, you may find inexpensive but very nice hotels. And, you may buy tours of the fabulous, Copper Canyon.

El Chepe at Posadas Barrancas station.

RV del Fuerte Campground.
You may drive your RV from the City of Los Mochis northeast to El Fuerte. Then board Chepe to go continue toward Copper Canyon. In order to keep your RV safe while you are gone, you may keep it at RV de El Fuerte Campground located in the Town of El Fuerte.

At this campground, you may arrange a Tour of Copper Canyon including staying at the fabulous Mansión Tarahumara Hotel. This tour in 2008 cost $319US. If you can afford staying at a hotel like Mansión Tarahumara that charges over $120/day, buying the tour from RV de El Fuerte Campground may be the way to go.
RV del Fuerte Campground.

A less expensive way.
You may instead of booking your tour at RV de El Fuerte Campground, simply leave your RV at this campground and catch the Chepe to go to the Town of Creel. At Creel, there are hotels that cost perhaps only $30US per day. You may arrange for your own tour in Creel, from numerous tour guides.

In the plaza of Creel is a small office [caseta] for tour operators. In this office are maps and a sign showing the rates. Tours of Copper Canyon's depths, the canyon's perimeter and of the Tarahumara Indians are fantastic!
Tarahumara cave dwellers in modern times!

Coming from Chihuahua.
In 2008, it was not possible to drive from Los Mochis, northeast to Copper Canyon. That is why our story told of taking the Chepe train in El Fuerte. However, if you are coming from Chihuahua, you may either take the Chepe train or drive your RV to Creel. I don't have knowledge of road conditions from Chihuahua to Creel, and so cannot recommend driving an RV on this route.

My recommendation is to take the Chepe Train from either El Fuerte or Chihuahua. Go to Creel, look around and find a place to stay. Creel is not a large town, and you should have no problem walking around or taking a taxi and finding a place to stay. Then, go to the plaza in Creel, and shop there for a tour guide who will take you around.

You must decide for yourself whether to stay at the top of the canyon, or take a trip down into the canyon. If you go into the canyon, down to Batopilas for example, you will be staying over nite at the canyon bottom. Perhaps two nites.

Be sure that one of your tours is of the Tarahumara Indian people. Especially of the Tarahumara who live in caves.

Additional info:
My friend Ed Fuentes who lives in Los Mochis, Mexico, is publishing a blog about touring around the Copper Canyon area. Ed is an explorer and 4x4 enthusiast. I believe that you may really enjoy his blog.

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