Dumping RV Holding Tanks

Finding dump stations

Using dump station data bases

Emptying our grey water tank has to be done at least every seven days. The black water tank can last for a month. How do we find these dump stations?

It may seem too simple, but we find many dump stations by keeping our eyes open for the universal dump station sign.

Dump Station Sign.

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When driving thru State and National Forests, dump stations are sometimes located in campgrounds. We drive thru the campground, looking for dump stations. Sometimes there is a charge for use.

When driving thru cities and towns, we ask at gas stations and grocery markets. Very often somebody working at these businesses knows where a dump station can be found.

Dump Station Data Bases.

The internet is a source for dump station data bases. Below are three of these lists that we have found helpful.

SaniDumps.com appears to be the best dump database we have found so far. Very responsive when we have submitted changes and additional dumps to them.

RV Dump Stations
Flying J Gas Stations

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