Fiberglass and Paint Jobs in Mexico

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Jose's Fiberglass Shop - Constitución, Mexico.

In February, 2007, I met a fantastic fiberglass guy named Jose Romero. Jose's Fiberglass Shop is in the north end of Constitución. Most of his work is repairing fishing boats. I wanted Jose to do a complete makeover of my 1991 Fleetwood Tioga, Class-C.

Jose the fiberglass guy.

What I wanted done to my RV:

  • All aluminum molding replaced with fiberglass.
  • Remove three windows in the cabover.
  • Re-attach delaminated fiberglass on cabover.
  • New fiberglass roof.
  • Three color paint job.

Fiberglass Job

Jose began by repairing some damage to the fiberglass and also removing the aluminum molding and replacing this molding with a rounded fiberglass corner.

In the pic below, you may see the damage to the corner of the fiberglass at the bottom of the wall.

Cleaned up and waiting for fiberglass.

I wanted to remove ALL of the aluminum molding, and replace that molding with fiberglass. Also, my RV had water damage in the cabover, and I wanted that repaired. I also wanted a fiberglass roof to replace the EPDM rubber roof.
Jose's Fiberglass Shop from MsTioga's roof.

Wonderful quality fiberglass work.

Jose is an extremely talented fiberglass guy. His work is very high quality. The result of replacing the corner aluminum molding with fiberglass is exceptional.

The images below show Jose's fiberglass work after his 3-color paint job. Note the gorgeous rounded edges and corners. You may zoom in twice by clicking on these pics.
The rounded roof corners.

The front fringe corner.

In the pics of the front fringe [above] and the rear skirt [below], you see the outer doors that are painted the fringe and skirt colors. The aluminum door frames are also painted to match, a last minute change which we love soooooooo much!
The rear skirt.

Tioga/George graphics.

My favorite thing, is the rear fender. The fender used to be a separate plastic part. Now the fender and the wall appear to be one. Blended smooth and gorgeous!
The rear fender.

MsTioga with her new 3-color paint job.

Cost of fiberglass and paint jobs

I paid $3,500US for all the fiberglass work and a three-color paint job. I did most of the labor to remove the old aluminum molding myself. It would cost a bit more if that work had been done by Jose and his helpers.

Paint used

The paint is Dupont's "Cromacryl" and costs $58 per gallon in 2007. This is a one-step paint. This is NOT a paint and clear coat process.

Getting to Jose's Fiberglass Shop

Jose's shop is in the City of Constitución, in Baja California South, Mexico. About 700 miles from the United States border.

As you enter Constitución from the north [heading south], at the beginning of the town you will come to a Chevrolet dealership. Turn left on to a dirt road, and continue straight for about a mile. You will find Jose's Fiberglass Shop on the right side of the road. There is no sign on the shop [in 2007]. There are a bunch of pangas [fishing boats] around the shop.

If you get lost and ask for directions:
Jose Romero
Cuauhtémoc and Palo Bola [roads]
Colonia Cerro Catedral
Ciudad Constitución, B.C.S.

Camping at Jose's Fiberglass Shop

I recommend Jose's work very highly. While your work is being done, you may camp in your RV on Jose's property. In the evening, you may enjoy the restaurants of the City of Constitución!

If you prefer to stay in an RV Campground, there is a nice one close to the Chevrolet dealership at the highway.

Here is a [link] to a Google Map locating Jose's Fiberglass Shop.

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