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Welcome to "The Adventures of Tioga and George!

This Adventure is the journal of a fulltime RVer named George and the TiogaRV Team. They boondock or dry camp every nite of the year. A journal post is made everyday, about where we camp and what adventures we find along the way. Our goal is to encourage others to be boondockers as we are. Follow along on our exciting adventure, OK?

Together with his RV, the world famous MsTioga and the rest of The Team, they travel the roads of the west. They never stay in RV campgrounds. They don't have to because everywhere they go, they are fully hooked up.

The Team has a huge solar electric system. The Team has satellite internet connection. No need for cell phone access, cable access, or anything like that. The Team accesses the satellite wherever they go. Tioga and George camp everywhere. On high mountains, in deserts, along a beautiful river. But everynite they boondock or drycamp.

We publish MsTioga Magazine, which has stories on many different things that RVers will find very interesting.
MsTioga Magazine!

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