Boondocking Where MsTioga Boondocked

GPS coordinates track Nite Camps

Camping where MsTioga camped!

GPS maps such as Microsoft Streets and Trips or DeLorme Street Atlas locate Nite Camps where MsTioga has camped.

Would you like to camp in the exact spot where MsTioga camped, out in the wilds? Hmmmmmm?

GPS coordinates are at the bottom of most of our posts from September, 2003 and on. With a GPS map like Microsoft Streets and Trips or DeLorme Street Atlas, you will be able to pinpoint our exact Nite Camp locations.

Beginning around March, 2004, we began to put "Map Anchors" at the bottom of most daily posts. These Map Anchors lead to online Mapquest Maps which show the location of our Nite Camp for that date. If you want to use your own GPS to find our camps when a Map Anchor is used, go to the Map Anchor site where you will find the GPS coordinate in addition to the map. A star on the map indicates our Nite Camp.

Sunrise over Anza Borrego State Park! Wow! Fantastic boondocking!

We on the TiogaRV Team, have found ourselves many times traveling thru a place where we have been before. It is soooooo much easier to camp in a proven site.

Dry camping as we are below may be as fantastic a camping experience as boondocking in the wilds. Making a lovely camp inside a city or town is very exciting!

In the pic above, we are Nite Camped in a lot behind some retail stores in Lewiston, Idaho. This is not such a bad place, even in the middle of town. Look at the nice trees right behind MsTioga!

Caution Note:
The sites that we have camped, may change over time. Although the TiogaRV Team camped safely at these places, you should use your own judgement when making your decision to camp where MsTioga has camped, OK?