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Google AdSense questions.

Many readers have written asking about Google ads that you see on my blog and on MsTioga Magazine pages. Perhaps you are curious about the Google AdSense program too?

Publishers and Advertisers.

Here is how it works. There are publishers like me, who put webpages on the web. There are also advertisers who want to sell things. Google dreamed up this fantastic method of allowing advertisers to put ads on publishers webpages. But the thing about these ads, is that Google figured out a way to serve ads relevant to the content of the webpage. For example, if a webpage were about plumbing, the ads served to that page would also be about plumbing.

Look at the ads on this page. Notice that many of these ads appear to be relevant to this story about earning money online.

Searching for info leads to sales.

Let's say that you are interested in buying a digital camera, OK? You go to Google and do a search for "digital cameras". If you look at a webpage that comes up in that search and that page has Google Ads, you may click on an ad to get additional info. When you click on a Google Ad, the publisher gets paid for that click.

Advertisers bid for search terms.

The advertiser determines how much a click will pay for a particular ad. The advertiser bids for a search term. In this example, the search term is "digital cameras". If the advertiser bids 50 cents for this search term, then the publisher will receive a portion of that 50 cents for readers clicking on that ad. Some ads pay 5 cents, and some pay $2 or more. The advertiser is provided with reports which tell how much the advertising is costing, and compares that ad cost to the sales generated from these clicks in order to determine if the program is paying for itself.

Earn money in the forest, at the beach, anywhere.

I publish my web pages from my RV home. My RV is equipped with the Datastorm mobile internet system. Everywhere that I travel is a place where I may work on my webpages, publish them and earn money from my Google AdSense ads.

Requirements for AdSense approval.

From Google's AdSense Forum is the following advice in order to be approved for AdSense.

Exception Note: I have personal experience where an AdSense account was approved with only one blog page for the applicant.

Quote from AdSense Forum:
"In order to participate in Google AdSense, your website and application information must meet the following guidelines:

- Your website must be your own top-level domain ( rather than
- Your domain must have been registered and active for at least 6 months before you apply for AdSense.
- You must provide accurate personal information with your application, that matches the information on your domain registration.
- Your website must contain substantial, original content."