The Illinois River!

Wow! Our first great boondock site!

Southwestern Oregon

This campground is a Siskiyou National Forest Site. It is a FREE campground. We call this Camp Illinois, because the Illinois River flows right alongside.

To find Camp Illinois, travel along Highway 199 and turn west onto Eight Dolllar Road. As you cross the bridge over the Illinois River, the dirt road that leads down to the camp bears to the right. This is a very short road, only 100 yards or so. The road is not steep, but it has ruts that required Ms. Tioga to go down to the camp very slowly. (See map below.)

George on the Bridge over the Illinois River.

There are places for around 12 campsites. There is plenty of shade. The campground has one toilet. None of these campsites are assigned. This lovely place is as close as you will come to a boondock site, and still be in a campground. While we were camping in June, 2003, the campground was never very populated. On Sunday afternoon, all of the campers left, and we were alone.

A view of the Illinois River from MsTioga's office window.

The water of the Illinois River is not too cold, very good for swimming. I do not know much about the fishing there, but I saw several people trying their luck.

The Team stayed at Camp Illinois for five days. This was longest that we had camped out in the wilds up until that time. We loved it. Cave Junction, Oregon is the closest town to the south with all the services, and is about eight miles from the campground. Selma, Oregon is about the same distance to the north and has a good sized super market and a gas station that sells propane.

More camping places in this area!
Wonderful additional campsites may be found if you continue west up the mountain past the campground. The road becomes gravel soon, but it is a very good logging road. Here is a link to our Adventure Blog, during our August, 2004 stay at Camp Illinois and the campsites high up to the west. Click on the Adventures link below:

Adventures of Tioga & George - August, 2004 around Camp Illinois

Note: It may be difficult for long RVs to access this campground. The dirt road leading down to the campground is a bit rough but only about 100 yards long. There are several nice campsites in shady areas that require maneuvering. MsTioga is only 27 feet long, and had no trouble in parking at any of the campsites inside the campground. Also, early in the summer the Illinois River runs much higher and the area is much more green. We like the early part of summer better than late.

MapQuest Map of Camp Illinois
GPS: N42.24614 W123.68591

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