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La Bufadora, Baja California

Close to Ensenada

Natural ocean water spout!

La Bufadora is a famous water spout. Waves coming in a narrow path in the rock shore, force the Ocean thru a hole. The water shoots high into the air. The spray looks like a glittering fireworks display.

The village of La Bufadora is an hour's drive south of Ensenada. Travel on Hwy #1. Just past the Maneadero sign, is a clearly marked La Bufadora marker, turning right (west).

As you travel along the road to La Bufadora, there are several campsites for RVs.

La Bufadora water spout.

As you approach La Bufadora, men who look official will wave at you directing you to park. These guys are not official, and are just herding you to the lot that pays them commissions. Park in these first lots if La Bufadora is busy. If not busy, keep going past the "Bienvenidos A La Bufadora" arch way.

Driving down the narrow road of street stands, you will come to "Havana Banana" restaurant painted a bright green color. Turn left down the hill and park in this large lot. Pay the $2US day parking fee to the people who work for Restaurante Los Panchos, who own this parking lot. We Nite Camped in this same lot, for $5US.

Keep going past this archway.

Turn left at the bright green Habana Banana Restaurant.

After you park in the Los Panchos lot, go back to the road and continue on, walking until you come to La Bufadora. Hopefully the tide will be in and the waves strong for your visit making La Bufadora spout high in the air.

Restaurante Los Panchos
We liked Restaurante Los Panchos. The people who run this restaurant were very polite, and the food was reasonably priced and very good to eat. We love the view from Los Panchos. There is outside seating and an upper floor outside area for eating as well.

In December, 2004, it was cool enough for the fireplace to be lit. We sat close to the fire while eating at Los Panchos.

Eating in front of the fire.

Juan and Lucia work at Los Panchos. Juan has been there for six years.

Lucia, George & Juan.

Lucia said that business is slow thru the winter. In April, things pick up. The weather is very nice in the summer, not humid even though in the 80 degree range. She also mentioned that many Americans live across the bay like inlet.

Habana Banana
The bright green restaurant that we mentioned before, seems to attract the younger crowd of patrons with loud music, several TV screens and a large bar in front for serving alcoholic drinks.

The bright very popular Habana Banana Bar.

Mariscos Taco Stand
Mariscos is a swell taco stand, located on the right up the hill, where the line of La Bufadora shops end. George has eaten at Mariscos twice, and says that you get great quality tacos for only $10 pesos [$1US]. Mariscos serves shrimp cocktails too. They make their own cocktail sauce. You can order many different kinds of things in your cocktail. Squid, shrimp, clams, etc. The view from Mariscos is great, as you can see from the 2nd pic below.

Mariscos sells great fish tacos.

View from Mariscos tables.

Taco stands, churro stands! Wow!
All along the La Bufadora road are many taco stands. We looked them over and they looked clean and well run. Lots of churro stands too.

Taco stand doing good business.

Churro stand across from Habana Banana Bar.

Location of La Bufadora:

Google Map Link
GPS: N31.7247 W116.72