Lazy Daze Motorhomes

Highest quality Class "C" you can buy
Factory direct

This is a story of my impression of Lazy Daze from my tour of the plant. If you want to see pictures and read a ton of information about Lazy Daze, a link to the company online brochure may be found at the bottom of this story.

Ed and Steve
Ed and Steve are father and son and co-own Lazy Daze. Ed is an energetic 80 year old. He escorted me through his plant. It is very, very clear that Ed is proud of Lazy Daze. Every word that he says told me how much he felt about the quality and look of his amazing motorhomes.

He told me about the aluminum panels that cover Lazy Daze. How they were finished with $100 per gallon paint. How the roof was not covered with rubber sheet, but with one piece aluminum. Ed told me about how three Lazy Daze owners rolled their vehicles during accidents, and not one window broke. That is how rugged our Lazy Daze are built.

Steve is the Lazy Daze manufacturing manager, engineer, and many other things as well. Steve is a busy guy. He told me how Lazy Daze is engineered to be as light as possible, as small as possible, while giving owners as much room inside as possible. Of course it is abundantly clear as I walked through Lazy Daze, that the motorhome is engineered and manufactured to be as strong as possible.

Most refined and quality motorhome
Lazy Daze has been manufacturing since 1956. Lazy Daze produced the first Class "C" in America. Every detail of the Lazy Daze has been gone over countless times. Because Lazy Daze owners buy factory direct, feedback from these owners to Lazy Daze is fantastic. Imagine all of the suggestions coming from these owners, and those suggestions are made to the two owners of the company. Remarkable!

Lazy Daze is the motorhome that I would buy
I cannot afford to buy a Lazy Daze. But if I would have the money, there is no doubt in my mind that MsTioga would become MsLD! The Lazy Daze, is in my opinion, the best quality motorhome that you could buy for the money.