RV Maintenance Log

RV Maintenance records are so easy to do!

Keeping an up to date RV maintenance log is essential !

When did you last change your engine oil? How many miles between quarts? Do you know when your generator plugs need changing? When did you last clean your water heater?

Are you able to answer these questions? ?

RVs without maintenance records find themselves at the mechanic more often.

I looked at printed "Maintenance Logs" and found that they were too confining. Instead, an ordinary notebook with lined pages does the trick wonderfully!

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Every maintenance item is entered into a main chronological log. Included is the date, mileage, who performed the maintenance and a description of what was done. All the room needed is there to write everything, because the log is on a blank sheet of paper.


There is also a log for every major piece of equipment. For example there is a log for the Onan Generator. This allows me to read everything done to the Onan, in one log instead of searching thru all the entrees in the main log. When something gets done to the Onan, a brief description is written into the main log, and a complete description with all the details is written into the Onan log.

I have found my maintenance log to be invaluable as a resource for my RV home.

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