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Fishing village and island.

Mexcaltitan is an island located in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. Everybody who lives and works here earns their living from the fishing industry. And everything arriving in Mexcaltitan, gets there by boat.

When we arrived at the embarcadero, we found a parking area for MsTioga, our RV. There were three water taxis waiting for passengers. We were concerned for the safety of MsTioga. A water taxi owner assured us that this was a safe place to park.

The embarcadero [dock] of Mexcaltitan.

The boat trip to Mexcaltitan takes about 10 minutes and costs 70 pesos for 1 to 7 people. As we approached the dock, our boat man asked if I would like to go around the island in his boat, and we did. It turned out that this trip costs an additional 50 pesos. Surprise!

Just past the dock, is a sign directing tourists to various things-of-interest. The island roads are laid out like the spokes of a wheel. At the end of some of these spokes may be found a restaurant. Sometimes the spoke ends at the water where some fishing boats are found.

Just past the dock.
One of the Mexcaltitan road/spokes.
In the center of town is the plaza. There is a church here, and a few shops. Peddlers set up stalls selling doo-dads for the tourist trade.

Plaza of Mexcaltitan.

Down one of the spoke roads, we found a restaurant with no customers inside. Usually our rule is to only eat in restaurants with customers in order to avoid getting served bad food. However, this restaurant was very clean and the lady cook kept a very orderly kitchen.

I ordered shrimp fried in garlic, and it was very good. The shrimp arrived still in the shell, and the cook instucted me to eat the shell and all! I tried one shrimp like that. Not good! I decided to take off the shell first, then eat the shrimp.

La Camichina.
Shrimp for breakfast.

Google Map link of Mexcaltitan: Mexcaltitan Map Link

Flying over Mexcaltitan
During my stay in Mexico in 2009, I was very fortunate to meet Chip Henly, an ultralight aircraft pilot. Chip flew me over Mexcaltitan. I took some incredible pics during this flight which you may view on my blog. [link]

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