Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance for your RV

Mexican Vehicle Insurance purchased online

Mexican Automobile Insurance is a must, when driving your RV into Mexico. The auto insurance policy that you have now, most likely will not be acceptable if you have an accident inside Mexico.

Napoleonic Code!

Mexican law is according to the Napoleonic Code. Under Mexican law, an automobile accident is a criminal offense. You are guilty until proven innocent. Without proof of Mexican liability insurance at the time of an accident, you may be arrested and jailed. It does not matter if the accident was your fault or not. The Mexican authorities accept Mexican Liability Insurance as guarantee for payment of damages. Even with Mexican Liabiltiy Insurance, if there is an injury or death in an accident, you may be detained,

Buying Online easy and inexpensive.

I bought Mexican Auto Insurance online from "Adventure Mexican Insurances Services, Inc." [aka Discover Baja Travel Club]. After you complete your online application and pay the premium, use your own computer's printer to give you a hard copy of the policy. I paid $145 for a one year term.

Buy roadside insurance and legal assistance if offered by a Mexican auto insurance company. For small premiums, these two items may help you quite a bit.

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