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Taking A Chance On Mexico!
Camping in small pueblos in Mexico

This story is about taking your RV into Mexico and dry camping in small pueblos. Most RVers go to RV resorts when they travel south of the USA border, and stay in the luxury of a nice RV campground. Most RVers who go to Mexico are surrounded by other RVers, who likely have come from the USA also.

What about you? When you think of Mexico, do you think of La Paz, Mazatlan, Kino Bay or Acapulco?

Living with the Mexicans!
You may know that I have stayed mostly in small towns of Mexico for budget reasons. However, now looking back, I know that this decision has led me into a wonderful life. A life of getting to know the people of Mexico.

Isn't that something that intrigues you a little?

Dry Camping is easy in Mexico
In Mexico, it is so very easy to make a dry camp. Even in cities, such as Ensenada in Baja California. Or large cities in mainland Mexico. Hermosillo, Los Mochis and Culiacan, for example.
MsTioga at our Hermosillo Camp.

Nabor's family in Guaymas
In December 2007, I was hiking on the hill above my Camp in the City of Guaymas. I met a man whose name is Nabor. He was cleaning the street near his home which was way up high on that hill.

We got to talking, and he invited me to drink coffee on his front porch. Soon, I was also invited to his Christmas party!

Christmas at Nabor's home in Guaymas.

Pueblos of Mexico
It is in pueblos, the small country towns of Mexico, where you are able to get close to the people of Mexico.

Pueblo of El Quemado
One day in January, 2008, I was exploring in the Pueblo of El Quemado in the State of Sinaloa. I needed to find a welder to do a repair job on MsTioga. That is how I came to meet the family of Rigoberto Tirado Sandoval.

After the repair job, I asked permission to stay over nite across from the Sandoval home. That evening I was invited to a fiesta that the Sandoval's were having tomorrow.

I camped for three nites across the road from the Sandoval family in the Pueblo of El Quemado. One day, I got to ride a horse following along as Rigoberto drove his cattle across the river. Wow!

Is this an incredibly lucky event? No! This is Mexico.

Our Camp in El Quemado across from the Sandoval family.

Speaking Spanish
It is necessary to be able to communicate in Spanish in order to meet and have a good time camping in your RV as I am suggesting you do. So, why not decide to learn Spanish?

You do not need to speak perfect Spanish. I have stumbled along for years with only limited Spanish. Give it a try.

The right RV
My RV is 27 feet long. I pull no tow vehicle. Doing this kind of RV life requires no bigger rig than this, in my opinion.

Choosing your RV to fit your life style is very important.

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