Mount Hood Timberline Lodge Ski Resort

Are you wild about skiing?

Mount Hood All Year Ski Resort

The Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in the State of Oregon is North America's only year round ski area.

When The Team decided to visit Mount Hood in July, 2003, we had no idea what was on the mountain. We Nite Camped in the far end of the Timberline Lodge parking lot, which has a gorgeous view! The people at the Lodge told us that camping in their lot in this far area, was OK!

George enjoying a fireplace in the fabulous Timberline Lodge.

The next morning, we were all very amazed to see people walking toward the lodge carrying skis!! Can you imagine that?!

Skiers begin to arrive at Mount Hood's Timberline Ski Resort everyday as early as 6AM. The ski lifts begin moving not long after and skiers are on the slopes until late afternoon.

Tiny Snow People Go Skiing on the slopes of Mount Hood.

The Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood is North America's only year round ski area.

Even if you are not a skier, when you visit Mount Hood, you may take a round trip up the mountain on the ski lift in order to look at the skiing area.

Fingers of ski runs extend almost all the way down to the Timberline Lodge. And this is in August, 2004! Wow!

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