Mr. DataStorm Tells His Story!




Dear RV Friends:

I am Mr. DataStorm, of the TiogaRV Team! My job is to connect the satellite in the Heavens to our RV. It is a hard job, but I love my work. :)

The heart of my system, is the DataStorm Dish Antenna mounted on Ms. Tioga's roof. Have you seen me in pics that Mr. Mavica takes of George? My antenna has a mount that is electric powered and gear driven. When I am stowed, I lie flat, only 10" high, on Ms. Tioga's roof. When George clicks on the "Find Satellite" button on my controller, Up I Go to look around the sky and point my dish at the satellite. Usually, it only takes me 3-4 minutes to rise all the way up, and lock on to the signal.

Down inside Ms. Tioga, I have a nice cabinet, that holds my Controller and Transmit/Receive Modem. The Controller keeps track of my position, and has five blue LED lights which glow when everything is working perfect! Mr. Chips and Ms. GQ (our computers) have access to both my Controller and DirecWay Modems thru two windows, in order to be able to see how things are going.

MotoSat is the manufacturer of DataStorm. MotoSat is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dealers for MotoSat are located all over the USA. Would you like to check out their website?

MotoSat Corporation Link

Below is the link to our Satellite Internet Service Provider, whose name is also the manufacturer of Datastorm, the MotoSat Corporation. During 2005, we changed our service provider, because having one company responsible for both our equipment and internet service seemed the way to go.

MotoSat Corporation Link

If you plan to buy a DataStorm system yourself, I recommend that you contact:


The owner of this company is a MotoSat dealer whose name is Bill Adams. We believe Bill Adams to be a straight shooter who goes out 110% for his customers.

Bill Adams will give you the after sale support that you may very likely need. After sale support, might be the most important quality of a MotoSat dealer.

June, 2011 Verizon WiFi stick takes over
Technology dealt a fatal blow to Mr. Datastorm. The development of the WiFi USB stick allowed mobile internet users to get online almost everywhere. With this development, Mr. Datastorm became obsolete.

Mr. Datastorm served us well! From 2003 to 2011 we were able to tell our story all over the Western United States and Mexico using Mr. Datastorm. But all things come to an end. Goodbye, Mr. Datastorm!


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