The Mighty Vacuum-Mr. Breeze

Boondockers track in all kinds dirt on an RV carpet!

Vacuuming may be different in an RV

Vacuum cleaners for an RV have to be especially strong! Coming in from some wild field, tracking in stuff that sticks into your RV carpet means that you have to really use power to vacuum the carpet clean!

The TiogaRV Team tried several vacuums before we found Mr. Breeze made by Royal Appliance's "Dirt Devil" model named "Breeze." Mr. Breeze is a cannister type vacuum which uses no bag. We like that. The vacuumed up dirt gets sucked into the cannister, which is easily emptied. There is a filter which is pretty easy to clean by tapping it on the inside of a trash barrel.

Mr. Breeze has plenty of RV power!

The size of Mr. Breeze was a very important consideration because inside MsTioga, there is not a great deal of storage room. Mr. Breeze tucks in nicely with his hose and attachments underneath Mr. Dometic.

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Mr. Breeze came with a brush type attachment, which proved not useful for MsTioga's carpets. Things that were tracked onto the carpet included seeds with barbs that held tenaciously! Very hard to vacuum up.

Thru experimenting, we found out that the very smallest attachment was required in order to vacuum very hard to pick up dirt that clung to the carpet.

We vacuum up the entire carpet with this small attachment. It actually saves time, because everything gets sucked up thru this small orifice.

We use the smallest attachment for the entire carpet.

We on the TiogaRV Team are very happy with our Dirt Devil, Mr. Breeze. Small but very Mighty, Mr. Breeze does a good job!

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