GPS System of MsTiogaRV

Garmin Nuvi GPS

In 2008 we upgraded our GPS system to include a Garmin Nuvi 750. Our Nuvi included maps of the United States. Since we were now traveling in Mexico, a map of Mexico was purchased from BICI Maps [link].

We received support for installing the BICI Map of Mexico from Doug Adomatis at the Travel By GPS website [link]. Doug may be reached by email at:

Our Map of Mexico shows street detail in all cities. Even many small towns have street detail maps. We have found our Garmin Nuvi to be invaluable, especially in giant cities such as Guadalajara, where it is easy to get lost. With our Garmin Nuvi, we never get lost anymore!
Garmin Nuvi 750

GPS on Laptop computer.

Before we had our Garmin Nuvi, our GPS consisted of a laptop computer with DeLorme GPS Street Atlas. The computer sits on a table that we made especially for the laptop.


Comparing DeLorme Street Atlas with Microsoft Streets and Trips, found us liking DeLorme much better. One of DeLorme's new features that we like a lot, is the automatic remapping of a route when we make a wrong turn.

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Below is a pic of the tiny Earthmate receiver that we use with our GPS system. The signals from the satellite are picked up by the Earthmate, right thru MsTioga's RV walls and windows. Isn't that amazing?

Care must be taken when following a route recommended by a GPS system. Often, one-way roads, overpasses and streets that do not exist confuse our GPS. Also, routes may not travel along preferred roads. We look over most routes suggested by our GPS software very carefully before following them!

Whatever shortcomings a GPS system may have with routes, it is more than made up for by knowing exactly where we are at all times.

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