Olympic Peninsula

Olympic National Park

Hoh Rain Forest, Cape Flattery and more!

The Olympic Peninsula of Washington State is a must see wonderland that contains so many places to visit. I spent eleven days in August, 2005 on the Olympic Peninsula and believe that you cannot really explore this place in less than a week.

All of the Olympic Peninsula is amazing. The coastal side on the west is especially spectacular because of all the rain that falls here. An average of 240 inches of rain fall each year creating a rain forest that feels as it might have been a million years ago. Growing in these rain forests are giant western hemlock, Douglas-fir and Sitka Spruce. Green moss hangs from tree branches in the rain forest.

Hoh Rain Forest.

Walking thru the Hoh Rain is a fantastic experience. The 12 feet of annual rain that falls here creates an experience that you will likely never have any other place on Earth.

The waters that flow thru the Hoh rain forest appear as paintings. Colors beyond description.

Gorgeous Hoh Rain Forest creek.

The enormous rain that falls creates an environment that trees love. At very few places on Earth will you see giant varieties of trees as you will see here.

Gigantic Sitka Spruce.

The most northwest point in mainland United States is Cape Flattery. The Cape is on a reservation for the Makah Tribe and is located west of the Town of Neah Bay. The Cape Flattery Trail takes you down to an overlook of the Cape.

Cape Flattery is a must-see place. You may wish to devote a minimum of an entire day to your Cape Flattery visit, everytime that you come to the Olympic Peninsula.

Cape Flattery coast.

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