Panorama Image Software
Photo Stitching

Creating a panorama image is amazingly simple to do. Take an ordinary digital camera and make several images of a scene. Make sure that the adjacent images overlap. Run the set of images thru the panorama software. That's about it.

I have used two panorama image software tools. Both software packages are available by download:
PTGui is semi-automatic. You configure the software, adjust the image a bit, and if the images overlap properly, you are done. There is a learning period however. Not a long one.

AutoStitch is automatic. You load the images, and the software does the rest. AutoStitch is not refined software. The presentation is a bit rough. Being free however, and considering that nearly everything is automatic might make the lack of refinement acceptable. AutoStitch was developed in a university and is available for free by download.

Note: I am using AutoStitch exclusively now. AutoStitch is VERY easy to use. Just tell it what files to stitch, and out comes a panorama!

Picture taking hints.
Let's say that you are at a beach and you want to make a panorama. Take a series of pics showing some of the sky, moving right to left. Take your first pic. Keep your eye glued to the image finder. Look at the right side of the image finder, and move your camera so that the next pic overlaps the first pic a bit. Keep taking pics moving right, each time overlapping.

Publishing hints:
I use FastStone Image Viewer to edit the images for the Tioga and George blog.

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