La Cueva del Pirata

Hotel & Restaurant - Bar

Camalu, Baja California

"La Cueva del Pirata Hotel" [Pirate's Cave Hotel] is in Camalu, Baja California. The hotel is fabulous for a vacation. Calmness and serenity are my feelings here at this lovely place.

The hotel sits on a bluff above the Pacific Ocean at the north end of the Bay of San Ramon.

Front of La Pirata in October, 2006.

Surfing is very popular off the ocean's point in front of the hotel. The rollers often break just right for a long surfboard ride.

The upper floor in the picture above is under construction. Work in progress is typical construction custom in Mexico. Construction takes much longer in Mexico than the USA. The owners of the hotel are busy during the winter of 2004 putting in a swimming pool however. This swimming pool is scheduled for completion before the summer of 2006.

The restaurant includes outdoor dining with a wonderful view of the ocean. Umbrellas over the several tiled tables protect you from the sun. You see the waves rolling in, and hear the soft sound of surf in the distance.

Veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The restaurant serves fabulous food. Here is an order of chiliquiles for breakfast!

This extremely high quality breakfast is reasonably priced at only $50 pesos [$4.50US]. You receive terrific value at the restaurant.

Chiliquiles with fried potatoes and frijoles!

The dining room furniture is dark wood tables and chairs. Many tables have fabulous window views of the Pacific Ocean.

Elegant comfortable dining.

See the ocean waves from your table.

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The "La Cueva del Pirata Restaurant" specializes in different mariscos [seafood], including lobster, shrimp, clams and fish. The menu has a large selection of beef, steaks and chicken. All foods are expertly prepared by Chef Roberto.

The prices of all supper dishes are between $6US and $16US. The Pirata's menu prices are an excellent bargain, in my opinion.

Chef Roberto in his kitchen famous for fish dinners!

The ocean front rooms of "La Cueva del Pirata Hotel" are comfortable, clean and modern. Prices for rooms are $30US to $80US per night.

Room for two with large bed.

Here is a room for an entire family!

Four beds in this room.

The room above has two showers in a tiled bathroom.

Spacious bathroom.

Additional features:

Camping for your motorhome and trailer is offered at "La Cueva del Pirata Hotel." Lots with electricity and water are available for rent. Hotel guests may rent boats to go sport fishing. The Hotel provides for your security with a 24 hour a day guard.

About the hotel:

"La Cueva del Pirata Hotel" is owned by Enrique and Elvira Cardenas who live close by in the Town of Camalu. The Cardenas family owns a fish factory that supplies fish to many restaurants up and down the coast of Baja California.

The hotel opened for business on December 12, 2003. During the popular months of April through October, twelve friendly staff members run the hotel, kitchen and dining room. The Pirata welcomes guests throughout the year.

The phone number from the United States is:
011-52 (616) 159-6575


When you arrive in the Town of Camalu, proceed to the Pemex gas station, and turn west onto the dirt road just north of the Pemex. The road is a bit bumpy in places, so drive slowly.

In a little over a mile, you will see the Pacific Ocean. The road begins gradually turning to the right. Keep going as the road rises and falls a bit. You will now be very close to the Ocean which is on the left side of the dirt road. Soon you will see the hotel up the hill.

The distance from the border at Tijuana to the La Cueva del Pirata Hotel in the Town of Camalu, is approximately 175 miles.

Location Map of "La Cueva del Pirata."
GPS: N30.8217 W116.089

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