Rigdon Fountain

Forgotten stonework off Hwy #1.

Why was this fountain built here?

Few see the stonework of Rigdon Fountain as they drive by this place alongside Hwy #1. Rigdon Fountain is set on the opposite side of Hwy #1 from the Pacific Ocean.

Who built this fountain of fine stonework? Why a stone stairway, stone bench and wood table?

Why did they want to refresh those who passed by with the water from the spring that flows here?

Looking north from Hwy #1.

The water that may have once flowed from the spring to the fountain no longer runs. Time may have changed this place quite a bit.

Rigdon Fountain.

Walking up the stairs leads to a stone bench. Beyond this bench is a locked fence, which perhaps leads to the source of the spring from which the water flows.

Stairs to stone bench.

How many travelers have sat here on the stone bench, in the cool shade of the old redwood trees drinking fresh spring water?

Stone Bench.

From our research on Google, we found out that "The Rigdon Fountain" is named after State Senator Elmer S. Rigdon .

Along with John L.D. Roberts, Senator Rigdon was responsible for the road building between Carmel and San Simeon, including the fountain which this story is about. Construction began in 1922, the same year that Senator Rigdon died.

Three old redwood trees look down on the fountain.

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GPS: N36.0556 W121.589

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