Rosarito Beach, Mexico

Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico

Rosarito Beach-Winter Snowbird Site

We love Rosarito Beach in Mexico. We love the food in the restaurants. We love the prices, so low! In the pic below is one of our favorite taco stands, Manuel's. For about 80 cents, we could buy a taco with chips and beans!

Manuel's Tacos-One of my favorite places to eat!

Reuben's Fish Tacos, across the street from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. At Reuben's, you get a table service restaurant for prices that are so low that it is unbelieveable.

Reuben's Fish Tacos

The Pacific Ocean is fabulous at Rosarito Beach in Mexico. You may drive your RV right onto the Rosarito Beach. You may even camp on the beach, but be aware that the tide may come in during the nite.

George on Rosarito Beach

The people of Rosarito Beach are very friendly. It helps to be able to speak Spanish, because many residents do not speak English. However, you do not have to know a word of Spanish in order to shop or go to restaurants. Somehow, it was never difficult to be understood even when we used no Spanish at all.

Safety is a concern for many Americans, about RVing in Mexico. Not even one time did I have any problems with safety. The people that I met, were polite and very friendly.

Driving in Mexico means being aware of street signs which may be unfamiliar to you. For example, not understanding a "One Way" street sign may get you a traffic ticket. I received one of these traffic tickets myself, and I was surprised that I was able to negotiate the fine from $75US to $20US, which was the amount of money that I carried at the time.

You will need Mexican Automobile Insurance when driving your RV to Rosarito Beach. We bought Mexican Auto Insurance online. After you complete your online application, some insurance companies allow you to print your Mexican auto insurance policy with your own computer's printer. I paid $145 for a one year policy. Below is a link for more insurance info.

Mexican Liability Insurance for your RV

If you are going to stay in your RV at Rosarito Beach longer than 72 hours, you will need to purchase a "Mexican Tourist Card." Just across the bridge near the McDonald's in the north end of Rosarito Beach, is the government building. There you may apply for the Tourist Card, which costs about $20US. You actually pay for the tourist card at a bank in town, and then return to the government building to pick up your tourist card. You will need identification when you apply for your Tourist Card, and a U.S. Passport is the best kind of ID to have.

The easiest way to get money in Rosarito Beach, is to use your ATM card to get cash at one of the several banks along the main road, Avenue Benito Juarez. You get the best exchange rate at a bank ATM.

Camping in Rosarito Beach
I had no problem Dry Camping in Rosarito Beach. I made friends with residents who lived right off the beach, and stayed in front of their home most of the time while in Rosarito Beach. Before I met these friends, I camped on a residential street in front of a vacant lot. Nobody bothered me.


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