Santa Cruz, California!

Ocean, boardwalk, surfing!

Great vacation spot!

Santa Cruz, California. What a great town for RVers. Santa Cruz is an eclectic town overflowing with restaurants and shops of every kind. Little streets wind along taking you on your way next to the Ocean. These winding streets have such lovely views!

Santa Cruz, California is an eccentric town. Many of its citizens seem to be living back in the 1970s. Long haired men, sandals instead of shoes. Santa Cruz is a friendly town.

Do you like to walk on the beach, beside the Ocean? Santa Cruz has a big wide gorgeous beach inside huge Monterey Bay!

Santa Cruz is surfing. Names like "Steamer Lane" are heard. Surfers come to try the waves early in the morning and surfers are there until dark. Cold weather does not stop Santa Cruz surfers. Neither does rain or big waves. We have seen surfers at Steamer Lane in terrible weather, yet they are there.

Surfers enjoying the life at Santa Cruz' Steamer Lane on a sunny afternoon!

The first time that you see the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk amusement arcade, you will be overwhelmed. This arcade is huge. Several different roller coaster rides dominate the skyline.

The rides on the Boardwalk look very terrifying! "The Scariest Deal In Town!" is one package available. There is a ride is called, "Fright Walk!"

Amazing Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Several exciting rollercoasters. What a great place for kids!

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