Santa Rosalia on the Sea of Cortez

Santa Rosalia-A great town to visit.

Friendly Santa Rosalia!

The City of Santa Rosalia is our favorite in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Santa Rosalia is a gorgeous place, but it is not a tourist town. Santa Rosalia is a town of working class people. You have to step back and view this small town from one of its hills, to catch its beauty.

Below is a pic looking north, near Santa Rosalia's city limits. The entrance to the harbor is on the far right.

Spectacular view of Santa Rosalia's coast.

The center of Santa Rosalia is the place to be in town. El Centro is where the people are. That is where the taco stands are. Oh my, those taco stands!

The Iglesia de Santa Barbara is not only located in El Centro, this church is the center of life here in Santa Rosalia. The people come to pray, at this lovely church, and they pray often in song. And such music this praying in song is, you would not believe. Like a choir, the entire congregation sings beautiful music.

Here you find the famous all steel, pre-fabricated Iglesia de Santa Barbara [Santa Barbara Church].

Iglesia Santa Barbara.

Across the street from Iglesia de Santa Barbara, is the famous "Santa Barbara Hot Dogs." Only a push cart stand, but so popular, it is incredible. Every evening the cart is pushed from behind the church to its place across the street, on the main road thru central Santa Rosalia.

The people flock to buy supper. They order the "Salchicha" [weenie]. Salchichas cook in a large pan, loads of them. Dressed the way you order, and served to you on a wonderful bun, a different kind of bun than in the U.S. Much bigger and tasty too!

Hot Dog Santa Barbara, home of the famous "Salchicha!"

There are several push cart taco stands along this road, and tiny restaurant taco stands too. Our favorite push cart taco stand is "Malicha Mariscos" [Malicha Seafood]. Wife and husband, Malicha and Arturo own and run this stand.

Fish and shrimp are breaded and fried. Served on either corn or flour tortillas. You dress your own taco with shredded cabbage, salsa, lime juice; put as much of these as you want. Several kinds of hot sauce are provided.

Biting into one of these tacos is heaven. Light and crispy! You eat your taco standing up at the counter. People are so friendly at the taco stands, you will feel as though you live in Santa Rosalia.

Arturo and Malicha preparing delicious tacos!

Grocery shopping in Santa Rosalia is wonderful. There are several grocery stores, one is fairly large. We prefer to buy from the fruit and vegetable stands. Our favorite is the one near the south entrance to Santa Rosalia.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do you like to stay at hotels? In the same area of the fruit stand above, are three small hotels. One of them is the Hotel Olvera. A single room at Hotel Olvera is $150 pesos [$14US] per nite.

Hotel Olivera, in the center of Santa Rosalia.

On the hill, to the north of El Centro, is the famous "Hotel Frances." This is a grand hotel, and has been open since 1886. The Hotel Frances was built by El Boleo Mining Company, to be an elegant place to stay. The Hotel Frances has a formal diningroom. A swimming pool is in the courtyard enclosed by the two story hotel. A room for two at Hotel Frances is $504 pesos [$46US].

Hotel Frances overlooks the Gulf of California.

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El Boleo Mine which established the Town of Santa Rosalia is gone, closed over 1/2 century ago. Remnants of the huge mine remain, some rusting away. Below is the smoke stack from the smelting operation, which you will see alongside Highway #1 entering Santa Rosalia from the north.

The Boleo Mine smokestack still stands.

If you come to Santa Rosalia to sport fish, the harbor is where you will go for a boat. The harbor is also where you catch the ferry to Guaymas on the mainland of Mexico.

Fishermen who earn their living selling fish, come to the harbor and wait for a truck to come from the north to take their catch. When the truck arrives, the boats go out to catch fish. Sometimes this waiting goes on all day. You never know when the truck will arrive.

Santa Rosalia Harbor looking south toward the harbor entrance.

From the hills to the south of Santa Rosalia.

A few miles south of Santa Rosalia, are two RV Parks. These will likely be the place to stay when traveling in a motorhome. Of course, you could treat yourself to a stay in the historic Hotel Frances!

Four Virtual Reality Views of Santa Rosalia!
360 degree views of Santa Rosalia. Hold down your pointer on the picture and move the pointer around to rotate view.

#1. Downtown Santa Rosalia.
#2. Locomotive and old mining office, now the museum in Santa Rosalia.
#3. On the veranda of the French Hotel in Santa Rosalia, Baja California.
#4. Looking over the town of Santa Rosalia, Baja California.

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