Self-Realization Meditation Gardens

Encinitas Meditation Gardens

Pools, waterfalls, fish and serenity

The quiet serenity in the Meditation Gardens of the Self-Realization Fellowship located in Encinitas, California, draw thousands of people each month. This special place was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952), a world teacher who brought the ancient science of meditation to the West in 1920. The cliffside Meditation Gardens are open to the public thruout the year. There is no charge to enter these lovely Gardens.

Golden Lotus Blossoms standing tall, are the first glimpse of The Self-Realization Fellowship that you will see as you drive thru Encinitas, California.

Golden Lotus Blossoms

The Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens contain ponds connected by miniature waterfalls. Colorful and exotic fish live in these ponds. There is a magic of tranquility provided by the many beautiful varieties of flowering plants and trees all thru the Meditation Gardens.

Quiet meditation ponds.

Many colored coi fish.

Ocean View Meditation

Lovely paths thru the Gardens.

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