Web Counters

Story about the SiteMeter web counter.

Subscription or free?
My website began to use SiteMeter in February, 2004. I am now a paid subscriber to SiteMeter, in order to receive the additional reports that only subsciber's receive.

In 2008, the subscription cost is $6.95 per month.

One of SiteMeter's advanced reports is the location of visitors to a website. This report shows an image of the World and visitor's locations represented by dots. These dots are live links which display additional info about the visitor.

Location of our last 500 visitors.

Graphical reports are very useful in order to compare recent activity. The report below compares months. Current day's visits by the hour and past 30 days are my favorite graphs.

Tracking sites which link into my web pages is VERY important. The report below lists sites linking by the number of visits made.

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