Slab City, California-4

Culturally enhanced desert boondock town.

A bit east of Niland.

Part #4 of 4

High living in Slab City.

Many residents of this town, are people who own very nice RVs, and live in a kind of comparative splendor.

A picket fence and lovely garden.

Slab City's Hot Shower

The Hot Shower is something that draws great interest. Slab City's hot shower is actually a cistern, a cement hole in the ground. Water from the nearby hot tub, a spring, flows into the top of the cistern. Slab City residents stand below this shower, and bathe!

The hot shower.

Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight is the most famous person in Slab City. Leonard came to Slab City around 1985. With him, Leonard brought a huge balloon, a tribute to Jesus with large letters announcing his love of God. However, when Leonard tried to inflate his balloon, he found it had many leaks. Undaunted, Leonard began to build Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain as you enter Slab City.

Everyday, hundreds of people come to see Leonard's tribute to Jesus.

Leonard tells the story of his Mountain.

Leonard has built many rooms in his mountain.

This room is like a cave, filled with pictures of his love.

Leonard builds his mountain with hay bales, trees and tires collected around the desert. He accepts no donations of tires. We heard a couple trying to donate tires to Leonard, and they were refused. "There are plenty of tires in the desert", says Leonard.

This room is supported by trees, tires and hay bales.

As we climbed up "The Yellow Brick Road" which led to the top of Salvation Mountain, it was hard to imagine that this mountain that we were on was built on hay bales covered with painted adobe mud.

Looking down from the top of Salvation Mountain.

At the top of Leonard's Salvation Mountain, is the word which drives this inspired man.

Top of the mountain.

Slab City is a place of tranquility.

The people of Slab City, appear to live in a quiet community. Peace and freedom are the watchwords of the residents of Slab City. People are here also to be free of paying rent. A very important value in these times.

Slab City location map:

Here is a Google Map showing the location of Slab City:

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