Slab City, California

Culturally enhanced desert boondock town.

A bit east of Niland.

Part #1 of 4

Slab City is a real town which has character and residents who care about their town. Many of the people who live here have civic pride and bring to Slab City a unique culture.

At first glance, Slab City appears to be a shapeless town of random RVs, derelict junk, perhaps desperate people. There may be some of this making up this desert town. But there is more.

Social Clubs

The Oasis Club has a sign at its entrance which reads, "Morning Coffee, Meals, Mail, Happy Hour, Library and Movies. A whole lot goes on here. The members meet to discuss plans for future events and how to solve issues of the community. On this Sunday morning, a meeting was going with perhaps 20 members discussing issues of concern.

Oasis Social Club

Loners On Wheels [LOW] is another Slab City social club. LOW meets on a covered slab. The cover is a tarp, which protects members from the weather and sun. Tables and chairs are enclosed on two sides by RVs which serve as a kitchen and meeting place.

Loners On Wheels.

A look at LOW's activity board gives some insight to what goes on and to the layed back nature of Slab City. Morning coffee at 6:30am! Daily 3pm Happy Hour. Shuffle board, dancing, cribbage and card games.

Activity board hanging askew!