Therapy For The Bored Fulltimer

Why do fulltimers become bored and depressed?

What can you do when you are a depressed fulltimer?

M y decision to be of value to others, was the critical turning point. Before this turning point, I was concerned with myself. I thought about where I would like to be, and what I would like to be doing there. When I arrived someplace and my expectations were not met. I became unhappy, bored, whatever.

The problem with thinking mostly about myself, was that no matter where I went or what I did, eventually I would be at a place and doing something that was not happy for me.

I stumbled upon being happy and loving everyplace that I went by an accident. It happened when I made the life changing choice to be of value to others as my main focus in life. I stopped being concerned about camping in places to relieve my boredom. Anyplace where I camped now, I found beauty and interesting things to do. There were pics to be taken and fascinating things to tell readers about.

It was what I was doing that now drove my well-being. Because what I was doing was for other people, not myself.

Means to an end!
The idea that merely by moving into an RV and becoming a fulltimer, I would be perpetually happy and not bored did not work for me. Like most things in all of our lives, preparation is key to success. Something had to happen, maybe several somethings, in order to get to a place in my life when what I was doing and where I was at, would not be critical anymore.

When I decided that my main focus would be to share my travels with other RVers, thru my "Adventures of Tioga and George" blog, everything changed for me. Now, everyplace that I went, I would be looking thru my reader's eyes. Looking for things that readers would love to see and taking pics of those things. I'd be thinking about how I would describe where I was, so that readers would be able to feel what I was feeling. You see, everything about my thinking had changed from thinking about myself, to thinking about others. Now, I had no time for boredom because there was soooooo much to do!

It turns out that being of value to others, provides endless enjoyment and happiness. Being of value mostly to myself, nearly always leads eventually to disappointment. Unhappiness and boredom usually follow disappointment. It is as simple as that!

Some are surprised that retirement was not as good as work!!
Why is that? Often, our work is providing service to fellow workers and customers. Our focus is not on ourselves. When we do our job well, we often receive positive feedback from those we help on our job. That is one reason that for many retirees, leaving work was not as good as they thought it would be.

Example of being a Campground Host
Many RVers who fulltime, choose to be a Campground Host. Why would somebody choose to be a host, when they could just as easily travel around anywhere having the time of their lives? The answer is the same. As a host, RVers are doing for others. Their focus is outward, and their happiness comes from the return of doing for others.