RV Tire Pressure Monitors

Monitor tire pressure of RV, Towed Vehicle.

RV Tire Pressure Monitors Really Work.

Tire pressure monitoring sensors constantly read the tire pressure and can detect even small changes in the pressure of your RV's tires. Wireless signals are transmitted to a driver-friendly monitor panel showing the precise tire pressure of each RV tire.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System can monitor all types of RVs and towed vehicles and read tire pressures up to 150 psi. The system from PressurePro has the capability to monitor up to 34 wheels. The system from SmarTire can go up to twenty wheel positions. Another brand is "Tire Sentry" by Fleet Specialties.

When your tire pressure monitoring system discovers a low-pressure condition, you receive both a visual and audible alert.

Real-Time tire information diagram from SmarTire

1. The graphic display is mounted in view of the driver providing real-time tire information. If a problem occurs, both an audible and visual warning alerts the driver to the condition.
2. Towed vehicle or trailer tires can be monitored by simply adding low pressure sensors to the wheels.
3. In-wheel sensors constantly monitor tire pressure and temperature. Tire data is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver.
4. The receiver can monitor up to 20 wheel positions and is able to handle the most complex RV and towed vehicle/trailer configurations.

PressurePro pioneered the development of external tire pressure monitoring systems. PressurePro claims to be reliable, durable, cost effective, simple to install and easy to use.

PressurePro is capable of reading up to 34 tire positions, with pressures up to 150 psi.

The PressurePro sensors and monitor can be transferred to and installed on any vehicle with pneumatic tires in minutes. The monitor is powered by the vehicle’s 12V DC electrical system and is connected either by a cigarette lighter adaptor cord or hardwired directly to the vehicle’s electrical system.

PressurePro's exterior valve stem mounting leaves senders prone to theft, damage, or tire leaks if one comes loose. There is no temperature compensating for pressures as with the SmartTire. PressurePro is about 1/2 the cost of a SmarTire system.

SmarTire requires professional installation as well as rebalancing of tires as the senders are mounted inside the tires. Sensors are not portable between vehicles. SmarTire requires 1-2 external antennas, mounted to the vehicle’s chassis, depending on whether or not you are towing.

SmarTire has a temperature reporting and compensating system, which gives the user a reading corrected for heat. This is very important, because heat causes tire pressure to rise. A hot tire that has a higher pressure than when it is cold, may still be fine. SmarTire's temperature compensation does that for you. SmarTire knows what your pressure "should" be at any given temperature.

SmarTire Monitor

Tire Sentry:
Tire Sentry pressure ranges are pre-set at their factory and must be field adjusted if you want to increase or decrease the pressure ranges. The system does not display tire pressures when a low pressure situation occurs.

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