Tioga & George
2009 Trip Plan

December, 2009:
The first day of December found MsTioga and The Team back in Mexico! And we are sooooooo happy to be here!

We are heading south down the west coast of Mexico, toward our home in the State of Nayarit and the Pueblo of Aticama. We are thinking about going slowly. Perhaps 50 miles each day. Our goal is to enjoy ourselves in Mexico.

Miles traveled: 1,464

November, 2009:
The month of October turned into a big surprise! Tioga and George had no idea that October would take us all the way back to the United States. And for Tioga, this trip would be the very first time since December, 2007 that she would set tires on United States soil!.

The trip north consumed many miles. 2,068 miles for the month of October. However, we had to make that trip because Mr. Datastorm's transmitter got fried. While we were at Steve O'Bosky's home, Mr. Datastorm got a new transmitter and his entire mount got a good going-over to make sure all was working well. Steve is our Motosat dealer.

During the month of November, the TioogaRV Team will be journeying down the coast of California. We will visit Sons Dave and Joe. Also, Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley. Our oldest friend, Dave Diamond. Cousin Jacky. And perhaps, several Readers who wish to say "Hi!" to the TiogaRV Team.

Miles traveled: 1,398

October, 2009:
On September 16th, we flew from Puerto Vallarta in Mexico to Oakland, California in the United States. During this trip, we stayed at my son David's home in Concord, California. On September 30th, we returned to Mexico.

MsTioga has a date to have work done at the Ford dealer in Tepic in October. MsTioga has a roof leak in her cabover area. We want to get these mainenance things done as soon as possible. After this maintenance, we may drive east to higher elevations. It seems that we returned too soon to the Pacific Coast, as the temperature and humidity at the coast is not at all comfortable at this time of year.

Miles traveled: 2,068

September, 2009:
MsTioga is heading back to the Pueblo of Aticama. On the way, we will be stopping for some fiberglass work in the Pueblo of Jalcocotán. MsTioga has developed a roof leak where her fiberglass attaches to the forward roof vent. The original fiberglass does not go up far enough up the metal roof vent. This allows rain water to enter MsTioga's interior.

MsTioga also wants to make an appointment for repairs at the Ford dealer in Tepic. She needs new spark plug cables and new spark plugs too. Also, new rear brake pads and very possibly an overhaul of the brake cylinders. MsTioga feels that it is time for her transmission fluid to be changed along with the inline tranny fluid filter.

In preparation for our September 16th flight from Puerto Vallarta to Oakland, California, we have to make arrangements to leave MsTioga in a safe place. We were thinking about MsTioga staying at Alma Mendoza's daughter's home. MsTioga stayed there before when we flew to California. Alma is our friend who owns our favorite grocery in Aticama.

Miles traveled: 377

August, 2009:
During this month, we will be meandering around the high country in the State of Querétero. The Sierras of Mexico. We may take a trip back to San Joaquín, where we were Camped in the forest above 8,000 feet. San Joaquín is close to the divide where the elevation begins to drop fast as the land descends towards the Gulf of Mexico.

We have another airplane trip scheduled for mid-September. This trip goes from Puerto Vallarta to Oakland, California. So, we have to be back in the State of Nayarít in early September.

Miles traveled: 554

July, 2009:
Jorge and Little Mavicita are flying to California in the middle of this month. We have been invited to a party! Aunty Shirley & Uncle Seymour are celebrating two events. Their 60th wedding anniversary and Shirley's 80th birthday!

We will be flying from Morelia, Michoacan in Mexico to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. Cousin Jacky is picking us up at the airport, and we will be staying over at her home. The following day we will drive up to Santa Barbara where the celebration will be held on a boat! Would you believe?

MsTioga and The Team will be heading toward the City of Morelia during the 2nd week of July. A safe place for MsTioga to stay must be found before the airplane flight on July 17th.

This is sooooooo exciting! We love to travel and to fly!

PS: Ms. Vaio our laptop computer reminds that she is going on this trip too!

Miles traveled: 436

June, 2009:
MsTioga and The Team find ourselves in the City of Tequioquiapan, State of Queretaro at the beginning of June. MsTioga is scheduled for a date in a suspension shop here to replace four leaf spring brackets, two of which were found cracked recently.

Here in Tequioquiapan, we may try for a soak in the hot springs for which this city is famous. Then we will contiue to the Town of San Joaquin and then for the famous rock called Peña de Bernal. After that, may just wander around in Mexico's Sierras searching for adventure!

Miles traveled: 282

May, 2009:
We began the month of May east of the City of Guadalajara. MsTioga is heading east, according to our plan. Our elevation is at 5,100 feet, and it is quite warm, 90°F.

We are heading toward the City of León where we hope to visit with Mauricio González and his family who we first met at Copper Canyon.

Afterwards, we are thinking about visiting the beautiful Town of Guanajuato again. Guanajuato is at 6,500' elevation and should be a bit cooler.

Then we plan to continue easterly into the mountains of Mexico searching for adventure!

Miles traveled: 497

April, 2009:
On April 1st we will be traveling by AmTrack train from Martinez, California to Santa Barbara, California. Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley live in Santa Barbara, and we will be visiting with them.

On April 3rd we take Santa Barbara Airbus to Los Angeles International Airport. We have a reservation to fly from Los Angeles on a non-stop flight to Puerto Vallarta.

Once we have re-united with MsTioga, our plan is to head east into the Sierras. The Pueblo of Aticama and the Beach of Matanchen where we have been staying since early November, should be getting hot, rainy and humid.

There are three mountain ranges in the Sierras which will take us to high altitudes where we hope to find "T-shirt and short pants" weather.

Miles traveled: 609

March, 2009:
On March 18th we will be flying to California to visit with family and friends. A home must be found for Little Boid and MsTioga while we are gone.

Miles traveled: 164

February, 2009:
Our thinking for this winter is to stay near the coast while the temperature and weather are wonderful. When it begins to get warm, we plan to move into the sierras [mountains] where it should be cooler.

Miles traveled: 292

January, 2009:
At the beginning of 2008, we wondered here "How deep into Mexico will we go?" Well, we went all the way to Guatemala visiting wonderful Mayan ruins along the way.

We start 2009 camped on the beach in Matachen in the Mexican State of Nayarit. Just south of Matachen is the Pueblo of Aticama where we have spent much of last month. There are wide beaches here where we may camp for free.

This area on the Pacific Coast is a wonderful place to stay during winter time. It is always T-shirt and short pants weather during the winter!

Miles traveled: 373

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