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Tioga & George
2010 Trip Plan

After my son Dave killed himself on September 20, 2010, I stopped posting trip plans. When I return to Mexico at the end of December, 2010, I may very well then continue making my trip plans once again.

September, 2010:

If you have been following the Adventures of Tioga and George for awhile, you may know that the prime directive of The TiogaRV Team is to stay in T-Shirt & Short Pants Weather!

Sometime during this month of September, the TiogaRV Team will begin their return journey to the Pacific coast. Lately we have felt a chill in the air at dawn. It's tricky staying in the TS&SPW zone!

At the beginning of this journey, MsTioga will be heading thru the City of Guanajuato and then the City of Leon. Our friends the Gonzalez family live in Leon and we definitely want to visit with them!

Then we will be heading southwest in the general direction of the City of Manzanillo where my eye glasses are waiting for pickup at the optical store near the WalMart. But first we will be going thru a zillion pueblos, towns and cities searching for adventure! It may take us over two months to travel the twisting 500 mile route all the way from Tequisquiapan to Manzanillo.

Where our September journey will end is a mystery! Might depend on the weather!

Miles traveled:

August, 2010:
We are planning to spend some time during August in the State Capitol of Queretaro, which coincidentally is also named Queretaro. MsTioga and The Team have passed thru the City of Queretaro before, but only for an overnite Camp.

We might also do some exploring in the high country of Mexico, but have not figured out where yet.

Miles traveled: 275

July, 2010:
Little Mavicita, Mr. HP and I returned to Tequisquiapan, Mexico on July 1st. MsTioga was soooooo happy to see us! Her engine started up with no problems!

We will likely stay in the Tequisquiapan area for several weeks. This includes possibly going up to the little town of San Joaquin in the sierras of Mexico. San Joaquin stands at around the 8,000 foot elevation. It is a bit cool way up there, so the weather must be good for us to remain there. Right now it is rainy, and will be very cold at 8,000 feet

Miles traveled: 317

June, 2010:
We plan to remain in Israel during June, mostly in the City of Jerusalem. However, there may be trips to other Israeli cities with our friend Shimon during June.

My Son Joseph joins me in Israel from June 17 to June 30. We likely will see all the major sites in Israel during these two weeks together.

There is a chance that I may change my return flight to Mexico to depart Israel on the same day that Son Joseph departs Mexico.

Miles traveled: None. In Israel all of June, 2010.

May, 2010:
The month of May will be different for the TiogaRV Team.

We have flight tickets to go from Mexico City to Tel Aviv, Israel! Only Little Mavicita and Mr. HP will be going on this trip. MsTioga and our other Team Members will be staying in the City of Tequisquiapan.

Our plan is to take a bus from Tequisquipan to Mexico City about one week before our scheduled flight date of May 18th. We will be staying in Jerusalem while in Israel. Our return flight is set for July 20th.

Miles traveled: 321

April, 2010:
Mr. HP [computer], Little Mavicita [camera] and Jorge are visiting in California this month. MsTioga and the rest of The Team remain in Mexico at the La Penita RV Resort.

On April 21st, we return to Mexico. Once back with MsTioga we will head south to Manzanillo in order to pickup Jorge's new eyeglasses at the Devlyn Opticos store.

Then, we head east into the mountains, Mexico's Sierras. Up there at elevations of 6-9,000 feet, the temperature and humidity of the coast will be left behind.

Miles traveled: 443

March, 2010:
Our plan for February was to remain close to Aticama for the winter. However, after going to Puerto Vallarta to pickup our new Morningstar TriStar battery charge controller, we decided to explore.

At the end of February we were camped at the east end of a small bay near the Village of Maruata, a couple hundred miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

Around the middle of March we must return to Puerto Vallarta for the airplane trip to California. This trip will be about one month long.

Miles traveled: 374

February, 2010:
After Weng & Francisco leave Aticama for their trip back to Portaland, Oregon, MsTioga and I are thinking of making some trips to explore nearby places.

Otherwise, we plan to remain close to Aticama for the winter.

Miles traveled: 471

January, 2010:
MsTioga and I find ourselves this New Year Day on Matanchen Beach. The same place where we began the year of 2009! How do we know when we have found a perfect place to stay? How do we know if a better place may be found, just around the next bend in the road?

This is the question that has intrigued and driven vagabonders since the beginning of their journey!

For Tioga and I, this is home for now!

Miles traveled: 390