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Tioga & George
2012 Trip Plan

Trip Plan update:
I'm going to begin doing trip plans again. However, these trip plans will not be month-to-month as before.

Instead the new trip plans will be a general view of my thinking for the year. When that view changes, I'll probably post about it here.

When 2012 came around, I found myself thinking about doing a couple of things:

  • Visiting Guatemala.
  • Going to Tequisquiapan to see my friends, Pete and Jimena.

Why not do both of these things?
So, around the end of January, MsTioga and I headed out from Aticama and Playa Matanchen. The initial plan was to fly from Puerto Vallarta to Guatemala. However, the humidity while being parked in Puerto Vallarta for several weeks was not a happy thing. So, MsTioga and I headed east toward Tequisquiapan figuring it would be cooler and less humid there.

After arriving in Tequis and staying here awhile, a rough plan for Guatemala came to mind. I would make no hotel reservations in Guatemala. Just fly there and sort of figure it out while traveling around. So, I bought airplane tickets. I use the online service, "Cheap Tickets" for airplanes, hotels and cars.

MsTioga needs maintenance
It is now the end of the month of March. MsTioga and The Team have been in the City of Tequisquiapan in Mexico for several weeks. We are planning to remain here into April and then head west to the Pacific coast. MsTioga plans to travel north in a leisurely fashion, depending on the weather.

Our destination will be San Diego in Southern California. We are going to California in order to do maintenance items on MsTioga.

  • Replace (6) deep cycle solar batteries
  • Replace MsTioga's toilet
  • Replace (2) roof vents
  • Inspect both black and grey water tanks
  • Reseal all of MsTioga's windows
  • Possibly replace MsTioga's rear window
  • Possibly replace leveling jack system
Other things too!
MsTioga and I are thinking of going over lots of other stuff too. We want to do some deep thinking about cleaning up all of our storage compartments. A ton of "stuff" has accumulated over the years. We want to do a "Spring-cleaning". Throwing out stuff. Making the compartments tidy and possibly remodeling a couple of storage compartments.

Back up items
Also, we want to make sure that we have backup items for replacements when breakdowns occur. MsTioga's house water pump, and Mr. Sunny's 1000 watt inverter, for example.

Bye, bye Mr. Datastorm
Since we no longer use Mr. Datastorm to go on the internet anymore, we want to remove his antenna from MsTioga's roof. Also, unload all of the HughesNet equipment and backup stuff.

Complete Inspection:
MsTioga and I plan to inspect each and every thing onboard. We will decide to keep, discard, rework or remodel every single item. We will begin doing these inspections right away, and be making lists of planned changes!

We cancelled the California trip plan. Instead we are remaining in the City of Tequisquiapan and order everything we need online. We are working on a plan to have our shipments consolidated and sent to us in Mexico.

Seeing new things!
By now it will likely be around mid-year, 2012. Maybe around the month of June.

The TiogaRV Team members who traveled to Guatemala, really had a great time there. We would like to do some more World explorations! Maybe fly to some exotic place and do strange and mysterious things!

Wow! Just thinking about that is sooooooo exciting!