My Values





The way that I show the level of quality of myself to others.

[Created: 08-1993]

Goals to achieve my Character Value:

1. To always have a positive mental attitude.
2. To be courageous in my approach to life.
3. To relish change and challenge my routines.
4. To take risks necessary to accomplish my goals. To not fear risk.
5. To compete only with myself.
6. To be a good sportsmen.
7. To not be envious of others.
8. To be non-judgmental and assume that others are thinking and doing good things.
9. To be uncritical of others, both in word and thought.
10. To not judge others by their body, face, sex, race, position or by what they own or do not own.

Added #10: 03-1996

11. To not boast. To have humility. To let my work and deeds speak for themselves.

Added #11: 01-1999


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