My Values






Showing kindly and thoughtful regard for the feelings and welfare of others.

[Created: Aug. 1993]

Goals to achieve my Consideration Value:

1. To think before I speak.
2. To never interrupt.
3. To give my complete attention, to whom I speak. Try for complete eye contact.
4. To be able to hear someone voice an opinion completely opposite my own, without my emotional temperature rising and an overwhelming need in me to reply.

[Added: Dec. 1994]

5. To think from others point of view.

[Added: Feb. 1996]

6. To speak with a moderate volume, at a moderate pace.

[Added: Mar. 1996]

7. To be humble. For example; do not use phrases such as, "I don't believe that.", or "That's not true." Instead use, i.e.; "I've not heard that before." or "That's interesting."

[Added: Jan. 1999]

8. To not boast.

[Added: Feb. 1999]


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