Velcro To Hold Stuff In Your RV!

Velcro keep things on your RV table.

Velcro to hold picture frames on your RV wall.

Velcro holds framed pictures to the wall in our RV. These frames have been hanging almost two years, held only by Industrial Strength Velcro. Never have any of these frames fallen. One frame is removed to show the Velcro on the wall.

Picture frames hang on wall by Velcro!

Industrial strength Velcro is a very strong tape. Velcro works great on difficult surfaces like rigid plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, tile, wood and much more.

Some simulated wood paneling used in RVs may be damaged when Velcro tape is removed. Test Velcro on an inconspicuous place in order to be sure.

Three planters & flower cup held by Velcro and have not slid off the table once in over a year!

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