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Making Virtual Reality Pics
How the TiogaRV Team makes VRs

We use a Nikon Coolpix 950 camera equipped with a fisheye lens. Required is a tripod with a two bubble levels. One to level out the tripod 360° and the second to level out front-to-back.

A swivel bracket is shown which allows a 180° rotation. The first image is taken, the camera's swivel bracket is rotated 180°, and the second image is taken.

Setting up camera
A tripod with levels as shown in the pics below is necessary in order to take virtual reality pics. The camera uses a fisheye lens in order to take Virtual Reality pics. In the pics below, you see the camera mounted to a 180° swivel bracket.

Taking the VR pics
The camera is first zoomed all the way out. Then the first VR pic is taken. The 180° swivel bracket is rotated and the second VR pic is taken.
Tripod leveled 360°.

Tripod leveled front-to-back.

Nikon camera looking forward.

Nikon rotated 180°.

Editing VR image
Now comes the time when the two VR images that we have captured must be stitched together to form one image that may be seen in Virtual Reality. PanoWeaver, a VR image editing tool is what is used.

In the pic below, the two images at the top are what the camera sees when a front and back VR image are captured. The pic at the bottom is the VR image of the two pics [at the top] stitched together.

Panoweaver Image Editor.

Uploading Image
PanoWeaver Image Editor produces an HTML file and JPG image file with all of the parameters necessary for readers of our webpages to see this image in VR.

FTP [File Transfer Protocol] is used to upload both of these files to our website.

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