Finding Fresh Water for your RV

Fresh water is everywhere!

How to find it!

Finding fresh water is one of the major worries for RVers thinking about boondocking. If you don't stay in an RV campground, how will you fill your fresh water tank?

We on the TiogaRV Team, find fresh water all over the place.

  • Rest Stops

  • Gas stations

  • Propane stations

  • National Parks

Simple adapter to get water from faucets with no hose bibb.

Hose adapter.

Very often when we travel by a state or national park, there will be water provided in the campgrounds. The water faucets in these parks often have no hose bibb. The adapter above allows you to attach your hose to these faucets.

Gas and propane stations.

By far, the easiest way to fill your fresh water tank is to ask! When you go to buy gasoline, first ask if it is OK to get some water for your RV. If you are asked, "How much water you will need?", just reply, "Not much." People do not want to hear, "Only 35 gallons."

If a gas station has no hose bibb, just move on and try the next gas station.

George fills MsTioga's fresh water tank at a propane station.

Radiator filling stations.

We do not like to use radiator water filling hoses for our fresh water tank. Besides those yucky hoses, it takes forever to fill a tank. Usually these hoses dispense water so very slowly!!


Search for secrets about fresh water!

Sanitizing hose bibbs.

A spray bottle filled with chlorine beach may be a good idea for sanitizing a hose bibb before connecting your fresh water hose. Spraying bleach on the hose bibb should kill any bad stuff that could be drawn into your fresh water tank.

Carry enough water hose.

We carry several hoses inside MsTioga. You never know when you will need to run a hose 100 feet or more to get water. We do not like to use the hoses that are already at a place. Use your own hose.

Ask for help.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Most people want to help you. If you are in a rural or farm country area, and find that you need water, stop and knock on a door. We have met the nicest people by just knocking on their door and asking, "Would you help me?"

Drink only bottled water.

Sometime ago, we decided never to drink water from our fresh water tank. The interior of our fresh water tank is not accesible, so we could not clean the inside. Over time, our water began to have an unacceptable taste. Sanitizing did not help.

Now we only drink bottled water. Often, that water comes from the same sources that we use to fill our fresh water tank. However, our bottled water containers can be cleaned easily. We use five gallon plastic bottles with a dispensing pump for storing drinking water. Works great!

Often we fill our drinking water jugs at coin operated bottled water dispensers or at companies that sell purified water. This is true especially when traveling in Mexico.