Water Filters For Boondocking RVers!

Your fresh water source-is it pure and safe?
Water filters take the worry away!

Is fresh and clean water going into your fresh water tank when you fill up in a campground?

In a recent MsTioga Magazine article, we featured an adaptor for connecting to campground faucets that had no hose bibb. A pic of that adaptor is to the right.

We wondered when filling our fresh water tank using our hose bibb adaptor, what quality water were we getting?

Simple adapter to get water from faucets with no hose bibb.

Water filters are so important for RVers who get their fresh water from many sources along their journey. This is especially true for RVers who are out in the wilds boondocking.

Inline Sediment Filter
At the very least, an inline sediment filter at the end of the hose that you use to fill your fresh water tank will trap the large chunks of material often found in water source lines. Water sediment filters will be labled by "micron size" to show how small a chunk of material will be trapped. Most filters for sediment will trap chunks 25 microns or larger (about 1/3 the thickness of a newspaper page).

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Charcoal Filters
This type of water filter reduces chlorine from the water. Chlorine helps keep your fresh water tank sanitary. Very important! Charcoal filters are OK on your water spigot only, not the entire RV water system.

You want chlorine in your fresh water tank, but you want to reduce the chlorine from your water before you drink it.

Filter Only the Drinking Water Supply
Filtering only the water that you will drink, seems to be the best and most economical water filter system for RVers. Omnipure Q-Series seems to us very worthy of consideration. A two-piece design makes replacement fast, easy and cost efficient. Eliminates taste and odor.

Some months after this webpage on water filters was written, we on the TiogaRV Team decided never to drink water from our RV fresh water tank. Now, we only use our fresh water tank for washing and bathing. We only drink bottled or purified water that we purchase.

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