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Comparison of Blogger and Hosted Websites

Readers have written to me about their confusion between my blog posts on Blogger and my webpages in MsTioga Magazine. This story is about the differences between a Blogger Website and a Hosted Website.

Blogger Website
Blogger uses a template. What is contained in this template is viewed on all of the posts that you publish. When you change your template, changes are viewed on all of your posts.

The template is an extremely important feature of Blogger. For example, if you want to have Google AdSense ads in your blog, adding the code for these ads to your template will allow your readers to see your ads on every one of your previous posts.

Images [photos]
When you sign up with Blogger, most often you will receive a "Blogspot" account. This means that all of the text and images of your posts will be stored on computer servers owned by Blogger.

Blogger uses a prepared format for preparing your images for publishing. This is a very convenient feature of Blogger which allows you to size and position your images within your post.

Hosted Websites
A webhost is a company who provides computer servers which contain all of your webpages. You may notice that we on the TiogaRV Team publish MsTioga Magazine. All of the stories of MsTioga Magazine are stored at our 1&1 Webhost.

Advantages of using a webhost compared to Blogger:
  • Your own domain name
  • Your own file structure
  • Portability of your entire website to another webhost

When you create a webpage, it will have text and possibly images [photos]. You create your new webpage on your computer. Pubishing your new webpage consists of uploading from your computer to the computer server at your webhost.

On the TiogaRV Team, we use FTP [File Transfer Protocol] software in order to move a webpage on our computer to the server of our 1&1 Webhost. Below is an example image of what we see looking at our FTP software:
FTP example

The left column [above] shows what is on our computer. The right column is what is on our Webhost's computer. All of the file structure on our computer and our Webhost computer is created by us on the TiogaRV Team.

Publishing consists of "copying" files from the left column to the right column. When you "copy or transfer" stories that you write and photos that you take to the right column, they are then viewable by your readers on the internet.

Input from readers
Please, if you have suggestions for improving this story, or something is not clear to you, let me know with an email. There is a "Contact/Email" link in the footer of this page.

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